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A: NFTs are digital certificates of ownership, which means fans can acquire valuable memorabilia without necessarily taking physical possession of the item. As a matter of fact, in our digital age it has become possible to create rare collectibles that are purely digital. NFTs make it frictionless to buy and trade collectibles, allowing fans to invest in, and earn from the Sharks franchise. Best of all, each time an item is traded, the Sharks franchise receives 10% of the sales price, to plough back into sports development and fan engagement.

Q: Do I need to understand how to work with NFTs to buy one of the items on auction?

A: Not at all. By default, Fanfire manages the NFT on your behalf, in what is called a custodial wallet. If you're not interested in the NFT, you can just leave it in the Fanfire wallet. If you later want to sell it again, Fanfire will handle the sale on your behalf.

Q: Actually, I'm pretty blockchain savvy. How do I take ownership of the NFT I bought?

A: You can request takeout of your NFT by sending an email to

Q: Where will my NFT collectible be stored and how can I access it?

A: Digital collectibles will be stored and managed by FanFire on your behalf in a custodial wallet, however, those who are crypto-savvy can opt to transfer their NFT to their own personal wallet. For this we recommend using MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Physical collectibles will be stored in the Sharks vault. Viewing of these items can be arranged by sending an email to Physical items can also be shipped to the owner, however, the owner will be responsible for the delivery costs and safekeeping of the items.

Q: Will there be more auctions in the future?

A: This auction signifies the beginning of the Sharks' expansion into a new age of digital fan engagement, which will include a number of novel, exciting and unique fan experiences and interactions. These future projects include auctions, digital fan engagement platforms and trading of unique physical and digital collectibles.

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