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WHY Trade Shark NFTs?

Start bidding, owning and trading official Shark Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTs).

To gain entry to our trading platform you will be required to register prior to placing a bid.


Once you have registered you can start bidding, owning and trading official Shark NFTs to gain entry to virtual clubs, where you can interact directly with official Sharks players and coaches. Start trading high-value physical collectibles such as signed merchandise, digital collectibles like signed photos, or "live" player cards that evolve with a player's career.

In order to support The Sharks Development Academy a percentage of each resale is transferred to The Sharks' team development, charitable causes and a sustainable support programme.

Custody of your NFT

Each registered member on the trading platform will have its own individual wallet (i.e. a Sharks custody wallet) where the member's NFTs will be stored in our custodial system. For NFTs linked to real world items, these items will be stored in the Shark Vault.

Successful bidders will receive their NFTs in their custody wallet. You will be able to view your items in your wallet by logging in to the platform. Trading of NFTs in your wallet is easy and we can assist you with this – please email 

At your election you will be able to transfer an NFT out of our Sharks custody wallet into a wallet which is not in our custody system. We suggest that you use either MetaMask or Trust Wallet applications should you wish to transfer the NFTs out of the custodial wallet.  This transfer and advice can be facilitated by emailing 

Some NFTs auctioned on the platform will be linked to real world items such as player jerseys, balls, shoes or any physical collectibles. The NFTs linked to these items are proof of ownership and enable the easy trading of real world collectible items.

To facilitate easy trading and to protect real world items linked to NFTs, The Sharks have established The Sharks NFT vault at Jonsson Kings Park. By default items auctioned on the platform will be retained in the vault, but if you wish to trade them in the future you have the right to request that items are delivered to you. The NFT owner will be responsible for the cost of physical delivery, as well as the safekeeping of the items.

Custody of real world items linked to NFTs


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