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The Cell C Sharks and Fanfire has teamed up to host a relief auction in support of the clean-up efforts following the devastation that ravaged KZN and Gauteng. The CellC Sharks have sponsored various valuable and unique items, such as limited edition jerseys and boots, that will be auctioned off using the Fanfire auction site. Each of the auction items will be linked to a NFT to ensure ease of ownership transfer. All proceeds will go to funding relief efforts in KZN. Everyone who places a bid will be eligible to win an extremely unique NFT prize.

kzn relief AUCTIONS

why use nfts?

An NFT is an unforgeable digital asset: a certificate that tracks ownership of something. It could be ownership of something digital (perhaps an autographed photo) or something physical, like the boots the flyhalf wore when he scored that famous drop goal. It could also be the ownership of something intangible, such as a locker-room pass to greet the team before any game.


Whether your NFT gives you ownership of a video clip or a signed jersey, it proves your ownership in a way that cannot be faked. Even if other people can view or even screenshot it, your “digital name” is on it, and only you can transfer ownership to someone else. All of this is managed by something called a blockchain, which keeps track of who owns what, wherever it floats in the world or online.


Your NFT has value itself since it directly represents something valuable like a collectible jersey. You can trade the NFT without having to ship the jersey around. Much like paper money once derived its value from gold somewhere in a vault, your NFT has value because people consider the jersey (or the photo, or the VIP pass) valuable. This makes it an incredibly powerful way to collect items that may grow in value over time.

how your purchase helps a cause

When an NFT is first purchased, 100% of the proceeds go towards the charitable cause (Hands of Hope’s looting cleanup relief, for example). But more than that, an NFT has a “smart contract” built-in that enforces a rule that 10% of the resale price – each and every time it gets traded again in the future – flows back towards the original cause. This places more value back into the current social environment, thereby transforming the sporting culture into a sustainable and socially responsible one.


Sit back and relax as we offer an assisted bidding program where we are able to register and place bids on your behalf. You don't even need your PC nearby, just refresh your wallet and see how your collectibles grow!

Should you wish to use this service, please email 

do you have to register to bid again?

No! If you have already registered in the previous auction you can log in and start bidding again! Registrations will be rewarded with your very first NFT of a membership card. Regsiter now


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